Namsen transits the new Panama Canal

Posted by Maya


On 28th August 2018, our Suezmax vessel Namsen crossed the new Panama Canal. This was the first crossing of the new canal by a DSS vessel. Pictures show the transit through the Cocoli Locks.

From the time pilot boarded at 0312hrs, it took the vessel just under 12 hours to clear the Lock gates. Transit through Cocoli Locks took 2.5 hrs in the early morning hours, the pilot then changed. Vessel arrived Agua Locks in the afternoon at 1230 and cleared them by 1500. She was all clear from Cristobal by 1630.

It was a smooth and well managed transit. Kudos to the Panama Canal authorities and people who have made this possible. We are looking forward to the next vessel, Pecos, transiting in 2nd week of September.

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